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Sample CMSP Certificate (PDF)


CMSP Certification Process

Please carefully read all the information below before you apply for CMSP certification.

Please contact Patrick Rowe to apply, or 703-247-9471.

The CMSP certification process has several stages, which will be covered in detail below:

• CMSP Application
• Application Review
• CMSP Exam
• Exam Grading / Notification of Result / CMSP Plaque shipment

CMSP Application

The CMSP application must be completed online, at which time the applicant will need to:

• Pay the $250 application fee
• Provide education and work experience information
• Provide e-mail addresses for the three individuals who will be providing Letters of Reference for you

The Application Instructions (PDF) below is designed to help you prepare the materials needed for your application before you begin the on-line process.

• First, make sure that you review - and are able to meet - the specific education & work experience requirements shown on the Application Instructions (PDF). If you have questions or concerns, contact the Director of Certification before applying.
• Three professional letters of references are required, and you will need to provide those references’ e-mail addresses as part of the application. Other details are covered in the application instructions.
• The online application must be completed in one sitting, so you should have all the necessary information ready to enter, including job start/end dates and reference e-mail addresses. The application form will “time out” in about 30 minutes if left unattended, so please allow plenty of time to complete the process.

Application Instructions (PDF)

For each job you list on the application, you will be asked to select your specific areas of experience from a list of Operational and Technical Work Experience categories:

Work Experience Categories (PDF)

Application Review

Once you submit your application, it will be assigned for review by two members of the Certification Board. Assuming you meet the requirements, you can expect your application to be approved within two weeks. Once you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for taking the online CMSP Exam.


The e-mail you will receive will contain the link to the CMSP Exam website and a password for logging in. When you log in, you will select which exam to take – CMSP-Technical or CMSP-Management – and you will be asked to “de-select” a certain number of exam categories that you would prefer to skip. Once you have completed that process, your exam will be created and you will see the “Start Exam” button. Once you click on “Start Exam,” you will have exactly fourteen days to complete and submit the exam --- so don’t begin your exam until you are sure you will be able to complete it in a two-week period. (This will be made very clear on the CMSP Exam website.)

Exam Grading / Notification of Result / CMSP Plaque shipment

Once submitted, your exam will be graded, and you will receive notification of your result (pass/fail) within two weeks. If you do not pass the exam, you must wait six months before re-taking the exam (at no additional fee). If you successfully pass the exam, you will be asked to sign a pledge to follow the Simulationist Code of Ethics (PDF), and then you will be certified as a CMSP. A handsome wooden CMSP plaque will be shipped to you shortly afterwards.

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